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Premium Hookah Tobacco by MOTTO

Hookah is a centuries-old tradition carried to the present day.

Although its source is not known exactly, it belongs to the geography that the westerners roughly describe as the "Orient".

This tradition, which has been passed on for generations, is now in our lives in new forms.

The hookah, which used to be smoked only with plain tobacco, which was called "tömbeki", has become a hobby of millions of people today in its flavored form.

Motto hookah tobaccos, on the other hand, offers hookah lovers by blending the knowledge, taste and experience of this culture filtered from the past to the future with modern production techniques.

By combining the world's best quality tobaccos with the highest quality sauces and aromas, we promise hookah lovers new experiences, new tastes and new pleasures they have never tasted before.

"Motto Hookah Tobacco", produced in hygienic environments with the latest technology machinery and equipment, will add pleasure to hookah lovers.

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